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    God first then us

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    People always ask why I am single? Why don’t I date?

    Why? Because I am waiting for a godly man to pursue me. This video is awesome!

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  • "Marriage is not mainly about prospering economically; it is mainly about displaying the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his church. Knowing Christ is more important than making a living. Treasuring Christ is more important than bearing children. Being united to Christ by faith is a greater source of material success than perfect sex and double-income prosperity. So it is with marriage. It is a momentary gift. It may last a lifetime, or it may be snatched away on the honeymoon. Either way, it is short. It may have many bright days, or it may be covered with clouds. If we make secondary things primary, we will be embittered at the sorrows we must face. But if we set our face to make of marriage mainly what God designed it to be, no sorrows and no calamities can stand in our way. Every one of them will be, not an obstacle to success, but a way to succeed. The beauty of the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his church shines brightest when nothing but Christ can sustain it."
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    I don’t understand people who are like ‘I don’t drink water’ how are you even alive

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  • If I date you,

    I see myself marrying you.

    I see myself building with you.

    I see myself growing with you.

    I don’t date just to pass time.

    I’m dating you because I see potential in you.

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  • My friend!!! We always know how to have fun. :-) 💁🙋 (at The Mahogany Bar)

  • "America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand." -Harry S. Truman

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    staked his claim, listen.

    the devil is alive in the south, and he always takes what’s his.

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    if ur snapchat story is 100 fuckin seconds or more first of all what the fuck is wrong wit u

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    Between this and the story about him reassuring F. Scott Fitzgerald re dick size, I’m developing a picture of Hemingway as the mother hen of the disaffected white male literary set of the early 20th century.

    He probably called up Steinbeck sometimes and was like I CAN’T EVEN WITH THESE DIPSHITS and Steinbeck was all “That’s what you get for living in Paris, asshole”.

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  • "Hemingway and James Joyce were drinking buddies in Paris. Joyce was thin and bespectacled; Hemingway was tall and strapping. When they went out Joyce would get drunk, pick a fight with a bigger guy in the bar and then hide behind Hemingway and yell, “Deal with him, Hemingway. Deal with him.”"
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    forever sorry to her that i let internalized misogyny, a poorly written character, and bad media turn me against her once. she is amazing

    In love w/u

    3rd comment is best comment

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    Guys seriously would you LOOK at mini Adam Scott from Boy Meets World circa 1994

    was this when he was mayor


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    All of Zach Rance DR’s - Big Brother 16

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